To Kill a Mocking Bird is classic written by Harper Lee. It's a Coming-of-age story filled with drama. Its purpose is to show the world the injustice of prejudice by putting it in the eyes of a child.

--Scout, Jem, and Dill become fascinated with their mysterious neighbor Boo Radley and have an escalating series of encounters with him. Meanwhile, Atticus is assigned to defend a black man, Tom Robinson against the spurious rape charges Bob Ewell has brought against him. Watching the trial, Scout, and especially Jem, cannot understand how a jury could possibly convict Tom Robinson based on the Ewells’ clearly fabricated story. Despite Atticus’s capable and impassioned defense, the jury finds Tom Robinson guilty. The verdict forces Scout and Jem to confront the fact that the morals Atticus has taught them cannot always be reconciled with the reality of the world and the evils of human nature. When word spreads that Tom Robinson has been shot while trying to escape from prison, Jem struggles to come to terms with the injustice of the trial and of Tom Robinson’s fate. After making a variety of threats against Atticus and others connected with the trial, Bob Ewell assaults Scout and Jem as they walk home one night, but Boo Radley saves the children and fatally stabs Ewell. The sheriff, knowing that Boo, like Tom Robinson, would be misunderstood and likely convicted in a trial, protects Boo by saying that Ewell tripped and fell on his own knife. After sitting and talking with Scout briefly, Boo retreats into his house, and Scout never sees him again.
To Kill a Mocking Bird is a classic.
"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." Is a common quote from To Kill a Mocking Bird.
by Enya October 28, 2005
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Simply put, one of the greatest books ever written, featuring one of the most inspirational characters ever to be thought up by a human brain: Atticus Finch.

Many people have took up the law career because of this book.

Disagreeing with fuzzums and explaining the name of the book.

Harper Lee chose the name "To Kill a Mockingbird" for several reasons, as hinted in the story, Atticus telling Jem he can shoot all the blue jays he wants but never to kill a mocking bird "because they sing their hearts out for us"

Likewise, the death of Tom Robinson much resembled killing a mockingbird, he did nothing wrong, and only helped people.
To Kill a Mocking Bird is one of the greatest stories ever written.

I wish Atticus Finch was my dad.
by c0m May 27, 2010
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Great book.
People say it sucks simply because they don't understand the narrator's sarcasm.
I rather have my toe nails ripped off than read To Kill a Mocking Bird!

Fuck you!
by akejlkjlgkjla November 16, 2006
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the worst book ever to be written. the title has absolutely nothing to do with the book, and it had no plot line whatsoever.
by Fuzzums December 6, 2003
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