A piece of shit who cheats on his wife. Pathetic loser who let his wife support him while unemployed for years. Sad little boy who fucks his friends wives/girlfriends while they are not around, at work, in prison, etc...
Do you think Wendy knows her husband is a Tom Robinson?
by I ain't lyin' May 31, 2019
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Tom Robinson is a character in the widely popular book "To Kill A Mockingbird." In the story, Robinson, an African American, is wrongly accused of raping the daughter of a man he caters to. Although his laywer comes up with enough evidence to prove that he could not have possibly raped the woman, he is convicted anyway and sentenced to death.
Most people use Tom Robinson in place of 'scapegoat' when an African American is involved in a blame, but it can be used as a verb.
(n.)- Jake really stole the bike, but used Kareem as a Tom Robinson.
(v.)- "I Tom Robinsoned that shit."
by Hacksaw Duggan October 6, 2006
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Tom Robinson is the definition of shitcunt. refer to shitcunt for its definition.
Guy: ''oh you are such a Tom Robinson''
Other Guy: '' Fuck you im not that much of a shitcunt''
by THIS IS WHO YOU ARE October 9, 2011
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