When its late and you fuck up and miss the H key.
Person 1:What tje fuck?
Person 2: *normie mode engaged* YoU sPeLt ThE wRoNg!!!1111!!!
Person 1:AH FAWK
by Marthry Carthry June 23, 2018
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1) Acronym for telejournal entry.
2) Similar to a blog, but more informative, useful, and inspirational.
He just posted a new TJE. It blew my mind.
by call me Will July 11, 2006
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"intimidating, influencing and charms others for own benefit. A narcissistic sociopath that always “pitting” people against each other and is not concerned about wrecking others lives and dreams." ..
“He was my best friend till he got promoted because of my help. Afterwards he stabbed me in the back, really a MVG-tje"
by Dread Pirate R0berts September 21, 2018
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