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A city on Florida's Space Coast that was once a booming metropolis, however it was nearly wiped out in the early 90's after the great invasion of the Wal-Mart Supercenter.
Guy 1) Dude, you wanna go have some serious fun tonight

Guy 2) Have you forgotten we live in Titusville

Guy 1) Dammit you're right :(

The two guys proceed to head over to wal-mart where they save lots of money thanks to wal-mart's "Always Low Prices."
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Tiny town of central florida complete with all sorts of people from the gangstas to the rednecks to the annoying preps. You won't find much to do around here except maybe the beach but other than that most people will get drunk or simply do each other. There is small town gossip around here and you may hear people jokingly call this place "Tit-Us-Ville." We also see the shuttle going up occasionaly and must deal with tourists crowding our roads whom don't know how to drive nor park correctly.
I couldn't find the exit off the highway to get to titusville, did I pass it already?
by crazysweet December 21, 2009
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A Tiny spec of a city in central florida with nothing to do, or anything important, is overcome by the Gay
Peter: Man titusville is so boring
Jared: Seriously, i hate being from titusville, and being gay
Daryl and Brent: Seriously
by O-kat September 07, 2009
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(Tvegas) A small town in north-western Pennsylvania. Titusville became known for the first successful oil well, but that probably has something to do with the Tecker population. Titusville, is ravaged by an overly populated tecker population, along with its fair share of amish, hillbillies, and then gangster wanabees.

(School) The Titusville Rockets, thats right, we blow. deal with it.
(Wasteland) Titusville has a population or around 7k, there is nothing to do but go to walmart, country fair, or some place you can find anywhere else.
(But besides that, there isn't anything else to us, WE BLOW)
Titusville- Nicknames; (Tvegas, The valley, or sever other inapropriate names)
Techer- Kid who participates in a trade school; Usually thinks highly of themself. Usually dressing in Flanel and boots(tecker-boots)
by TvegasTeller February 04, 2011
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A quaint town on the spacecoast of Florida. Titusville is known for the space program (NASA), housing 6 Mcdonalds, The Walmart Supercenter, and the ever smelly Indian River Lagoon. Seriously that thing smells like stank pussy! Titusville has nothing to offer for children so Teenagers please stop having sex. If you are an adolescent in Titusville there really isnt much to do besides bowling, so one might enjoy smoking marijuana, selling Cocaine, getting "turnt", or having sex with any of the teachers from Titusville High or Brevard Community College. The population of Titusville, or "Tight-ass-ville" as the locals call it, is very diverse. Cliques range from African Americans who take part in drug dealing and gang related activities, to Rednecks who simply spend most there lifes on the river with a cold one in one hand and a fishing pole in the other. They would being fingering puss if they had a third! Overall Titusville doesn't have much to offer, but hey, atleast its not Mims!
*drives past river*
"Hey Is that pussy?"
"No, thats just Titusville"

Guy: "Wanna go to Titusville this weekend?"
Girl: "What is there to do?"
Guy: "Well, we can go to Walmart, or fuck?"

Girl: "Lets go to Walmart"
by Jake Lovita December 12, 2015
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A neighborhood on the westside of Birmingham, AL, known for selling drugs and raising HELL to anyone that opposes what they do including the law.
SMH..Bruh i seen Condoleeza Rice on tha news yesterday man dat h** makin TITUSVILLE look bad!
by 205PIG May 14, 2010
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