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Verb : Titto
Origins : a slang French world from the 1900's
The satisfaction of seeing Megan Brink's tits after many failed attempts to trade nudes fairly
P1: dude Megan brink showed me her tits last night !
P2: Titto! Finally! * high fives P1*
by nogarDregniG July 12, 2018
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Attractively shaped breasts, particularly very large ones.
an attractive woman with DDs (and up) walks by.

You, to friend: "Dude, tittos."
by Annihilationscape January 21, 2009
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Another word for the teet, and also a defiling name for a fat person.
"The Titto(s), descended past her waist and slapped against her knees whenever she walked. "

"Go suck your mom's teet, Titto!!"
by that_guy, November 11, 2010
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A type of fetish used during intimate moments.
Please let me put my toes in your tits-let us perform tit-toes !
by KWhit1982 May 19, 2016
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Is the Confirmation of several facts. In so far as ditto is the confirmation of one fact.
She says:" I love you, I need you I want you."

He says:" Titto! "
by RC Everbeck May 16, 2011
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