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One who has lost his/her mind.
Darryl, you're meant to eat the cake not wear it. You bloody tismo
by Ltchillz October 12, 2015
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A short one word abbreviation for "turns me on". An expression meant to show that something someone said, or something you see turns you on; gets you hot and horny, interests you, or that you simply agree with the latter statement.
Man A: There's no way she's our waitress, she's way too fine.

Nerd A: Last night i raided the shit out of Derkish Hallows and got like 5 different Power Axes!

Woman A: Look at that guy, i'd totally sleep with him!
Woman B: TISMO

Tourist A: Macho Picho is by far the most beautiful place i've ever been to...
Tourist B: TISMO
by KinkiKym March 14, 2012
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