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Is used in order to insult someone's intelligence. Usually used when someone has done and/or said something which is perceived as stupid. Derived from the word Autist.
Person 1: "Hey, did you hear how John got hurt skiing on the highway?"
Person 2: "Jesus, dude's a fucking tismo"
by Plänt_Böi December 03, 2018
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One who has lost his/her mind.
Darryl, you're meant to eat the cake not wear it. You bloody tismo
by Ltchillz October 12, 2015
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A short one word abbreviation for "turns me on". An expression meant to show that something someone said, or something you see turns you on; gets you hot and horny, interests you, or that you simply agree with the latter statement.
Man A: There's no way she's our waitress, she's way too fine.

Nerd A: Last night i raided the shit out of Derkish Hallows and got like 5 different Power Axes!

Woman A: Look at that guy, i'd totally sleep with him!
Woman B: TISMO

Tourist A: Macho Picho is by far the most beautiful place i've ever been to...
Tourist B: TISMO
by KinkiKym March 14, 2012
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A person who is so mind boggling dumb that they might as well have autism and Down syndrome
Dude have you heard about greyson? I’ve heard he’s so tismo
by Jake Action April 15, 2019
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