The greatest musicians to ever be alive. Cal and Rez are the definition of musical talent
Person: Wow that song is so good who is singing that?
Other person: Timeflies.
Person: Wow well everyone should hear them they are so good.
by theyaretootalented December 2, 2012
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An amazing band, using elements of pop, electro, dubstep and rock to make hit songs, songs such as Turn It Up and Under the Sea.
Guy 1: Dude, did you go to that Timeflies concert?
Guy 2: Yeah dude, it was off the chain!
by Skitzophrenic December 11, 2012
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When timeflies releases a song via YouTube, which ranges from covers, remixes, and freestyles. To most fans, it becomes their favorite day of the week.
Get ready to be exposed to amazing music. Timeflies Tuesday is the best day of the week. Always on the refresh grind at 10:10 pm. If lucky enough, the song will be posted before 10:10. Some of the best Timeflies Tuesday songs are Alcohol, Under the Sea, Royals, and Timber.
by YaBoyLin December 31, 2014
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