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When timeflies releases a song via YouTube, which ranges from covers, remixes, and freestyles. To most fans, it becomes their favorite day of the week.
Get ready to be exposed to amazing music. Timeflies Tuesday is the best day of the week. Always on the refresh grind at 10:10 pm. If lucky enough, the song will be posted before 10:10. Some of the best Timeflies Tuesday songs are Alcohol, Under the Sea, Royals, and Timber.
by YaBoyLin December 30, 2013
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Producer of a music group called timeflies. He makes beats that Cal Shapiro sings to. His obsessions include music, technology, and Green Lantern.
Rob Resnick, or Rez, is the producer for timeflies. His beats distinguish him from other producers, such as in Swoon and I Choose U.
by YaBoyLin December 30, 2013
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Vocalist of a music group called timeflies. He is a singer and free-styler. His ultra-charming looks make people swoon. He is also extremely terrified of strawberries, although no one (including himself) is sure why.
Cal Shapiro is the singer for timeflies. Some of his best works include I Choose U, Swoon, One Night, and Ride.
by YaBoyLin December 27, 2013
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The diehard fans for timeflies. They may not have the large number fans that other artist/bands have, but they make up for it by being extremely loyal and dedicated.
Are you a Flyhard? If you can name all (or most) of the timeflies tuesday songs and know everything about timeflies, then you probably are.
by YaBoyLin January 18, 2014
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