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Time-Rape is the science fiction concept of time travel in which iron clad laws of physics dictate that any stop within the space-time continuum must be accompanied by a rape of a denizen of that time/locale by the time traveler.

This can be facilitated by the time traveler targeting times and places where women were considered little more than chattel and the penalties for what is now considered a violation were practically non-existent.

As it is a necessity of the structure of time travel, Time-Rape itself is generally not the specific goal of the traveler, though rogue individuals and groups do exist who hold it as their primary aim.

The consequences of not performing the Time-Rape are not fully understood, however, research has concluded that it is the psychological/spiritual equivalent of a kind of reverse Time-Rape where everyone alive in the visited time period not targeted by the errant traveler converges upon him to perform an eternity of rapes while the intended, and necessary, victim of the traveler presides in judgment.

Another hypothesized result suggests the bringing-forth of the Negrolocaust.
Holy shit, dude. Are you telling me you didn't perform the Time-Rape? You are so literally fucked - and if it causes the Negrolocaust, I'll never forgive you.
by ajaxax October 27, 2012
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1.) To extend and waste somebodies time, without their given consent.

2.) To force upon the "taking-up-of-time-of-a-girl/guy-you-really-like/love-in-order-to-make-them-like/love-you-back" Law of Space and Time. oh, and without their consent, yet again.
"So, I pretty much just Time-raped you by sittin here doin nothing."
by mmfwcl_shagz October 17, 2010
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Being forced into doing something that you have no interest or motivation to do.

Time rape only occurs when the activity being forced upon you is excessively long.
I can't go to the party, I'm being time raped at my mother in laws this afternoon.
by Elegant Mess April 18, 2018
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