Someone who travels through the past and present. Whether it is through an object, at will, or using worm holes. A time traveler can visit any time in the past, present, or future.
The time traveler went from 2016 to the year 5900.
by MissyTravels December 28, 2016
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For the sensitive people out there: Someone who is “disadvantaged”. For those of us who have a sense of humor: Someone who is born with Autism of any kind, Downsyndrome (AKA Downy), or any birth defect that would classify them as mentally retarded.
We were going to sit down at lunch, but then my friend said, “No wait, that’s the Time Travelers’ table
by A.L Teacher April 26, 2018
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Someone that drank to the point of blacking out and looses all track of time by time traveling to a near and confusing future. Also known as the Tom Traveler.
The time traveler was drinking at the bar and ended up at a strange apartment where I was naked on the floor, with the water running.
by chadeo12 June 17, 2009
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A woman who appears to age as she gets nearer to you.
I thought she was 21 from the other side of the club, but after I walked up to that Time Traveler, she had to have been at least 42.
by g.f.y. February 3, 2010
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One who posts about past events on social media sites in order to:

1) Insinuate he or she is better than you
2) Feel better about him or herself
Time Traveler example: "In 2013 I bought a house, met the man of my dreams, got accepted to law school and moved to Denver. Here's to an even better year in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by ajreag December 31, 2013
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n. When one does not remember their previous night, esp. due to a large consumption of alcohol

v. To drink to such a point
Man, I don't remember anything after those Jagermeister shots. I just woke up in bed. I must have been Time Traveling last night.
by b Jones March 22, 2004
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When you get so drunk that you black out, but when you come back into consciousness you are in a new place at a future time.
After that last shot i started to time travel until i found myself on the bathroom floor.
by The Cab May 25, 2005
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