A reckoning. Face the music. You're going to get what you deserve
Time's up. The end's in sight and you better face the consequences of your deeds
by CCPhilly May 26, 2017
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A common quote founded by the outlaw Jim Raynor. This statement is required when facing the most challenging of odds including ravenous alien creatures hell bent on your destruction. It would have been accepted for Ripley (of alien) to make an utterance of these words in any of the first two movies. Disclaimer: the saying "it is time to man up" may not protect you from any harm and it is most likely you will perish following the statement.
As the demons closed in upon him, Bill looked to his frightened coworkers and stated, "It's time to man up.". He then grabbed his computer monitor and smashed it on the face of one of the creatures. Heroicly, he fought off several more until he was overwhelmed.
by Nebulism August 3, 2015
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A break period between two events where there's too much time to sit around and do nothing and too little time to do something productive. These time periods can range from a half hour to two hours.
For my Friday classes, I have Design 102 lecture from 10-10:50 and then English at eleven. Today, in Design 102 lecture we got out at 10:30, so I did not know what to do for about 25 minutes. I figured it be too long to sit and do nothing and not enough time to do something else. It was a fucked-up-time.
by AJHM May 2, 2008
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A euphemism for sex.
Karen: Oh Ricky, It's love up time! It's time to love up with Angela and I!
by Viscount Druitt January 5, 2023
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A phrase that is common among the vocal vegan population. It is meant as the solution to literally EVERYTHING especially when you are starving like hell and are forced to eat and entire bag of raw potatoes to survive.
Trying to go vegan guy: OMG I feel like absolute shit! No energy to do anything. I can't move. Help me Rebecca!
Rebecca (the vegan): Time to carb up! *Drops a plate full of potatoes on him*
by TheWhiteBowser August 16, 2016
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the moment when nothing else is appropriate in comparison to getting hella amped-up. some folks who play football know that every minute of every quarter of every game is crank-it-up time -- the time in which it's always appropriate to be electric... just try not to get pissed off along the way and you'll be fine.

Not to be confused with "cool-it-out time", which is when an amped-up mf'er simply needs to calm their ass down.
by mista crank-it-up October 7, 2009
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1. (noun) The time when one needs to shut the hell up ( this must be said by outbursting in the middle of someones sentence).
guy1: " you won't believe what happened yesterday, it was sooooooo cool. what happened was...."

guy2: (looks at watch)" oh boy, looks like it's shut-the-hell-up time!!!"
by Wesley Watson December 6, 2007
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