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1. The idea of having a social life does not exist in the person's mind. Where the idea of having friends, the concern of not having friends and dating is inconceivable and is of not existence. The reason being is that person has never been predisposed to it in the first place, so the idea of not having friends does not bother him or her. In other words, take for example the Sims computer game. It's like having a sim that has no social bar on the needs indicator. By having an undefined social life, the person does not have to worry about maintaining friendships, giving gifts, working out relationships,losing, nor betraying friends. Because the person who has and undefined social life has nothing to lose. It's like dividing a number by zero when it comes to determining the number of friends an undefined social life person has.
John has never had friends; he does everything by himself. He must have an undefined social life because he is always happy doing things by himself. Whenever someone asks John if he has ever had a girlfriend, he just looks at them weird at complete and utter confusion.
by AJHM May 18, 2007

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Based on the movie "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray. It is the idea that every action that one makes; the rewards and consequences of those actions are not followed through the next day. If someone were to make a big choice, commit a crime, offend someone, make a mistake, or meet someone through out a period of a regular 24 hr. day, those rewards and consequences for all of those actions are not carried through the next day. It is all forgotten. In other words, it's like yesterday never happened. Therefore this pattern can keep on repeating for an unknown amount of time.
Last night, Larry inadvertently said an offensive racial comment that offended many people. However, the very next day Larry experenced a Groundhog Day Effect. All was forgotten and everyone he offended seemed to have forgotten the incident. Therefore, Larry is in the same position as he was before he made the comment.
by AJHM December 29, 2007

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A system of time with the base measurement of a metric second which is equal to 1/100,000 of a day. There are 100 seconds to a minute, 100 minutes to an hour, and ten hours to a day. So 1 metric hour is equivalent to 2 hrs. 24 min. regular time. So when it is 5.00 metric time it is noon regular time. Midnight on Metric Time starts at 0.00 hrs and runs up to 9.99 hrs. To convert from metric time to regular time take for example 5.85 metric time and multiply by 2.4 which equals the hour with a decimal. Take the decimal and multiply it by 60 to get the minutes in regular time. If you want PM just subtract 12. So 5.85 Metric Time = 14:04 or 2:04 PM.
Ever since Metric Time was established, no one ever gets confused with AM nor PM.

John was meeting his girlfriend for lunch at 5.22 Metric Time.

The incident took place at 2.68.
by AJHM May 18, 2007

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1. An adjective used to explain things in a quick simple way that unlocks a mental set of ideas relating to the September eleventh terrorist attacks.

2. A racial slur against any type of Muslim of Middle Eastern descent.
Used in Family Guy in the episode "Tales from a Third Grade Nothing" when Peter and a Middle Eastern child compete in a Spelling Bee:

Tom Tucker: "Our next competitors are Peter Griffin and Omar Majah-resahh-- something September eleventhy."

It was a September eleventhy kind of ordeal when all the media outlets focused on Tiger Woods' sex scandal.

After seeing a September eleventhy kind of guy board the plane, I felt extremely nervous.
by AJHM June 12, 2010

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Generally the same definition of "yep" and "yes." This word is mostly used in Iowa to fill in conversation gaps during an awkward moment of silence.
"Oh, that's cool." said Bob. There was a moment of silence. Finally, Jack said, "Yept." to show agreement and also to break the silence.
by AJHM December 29, 2007

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A break period between two events where there's too much time to sit around and do nothing and too little time to do something productive. These time periods can range from a half hour to two hours.
For my Friday classes, I have Design 102 lecture from 10-10:50 and then English at eleven. Today, in Design 102 lecture we got out at 10:30, so I did not know what to do for about 25 minutes. I figured it be too long to sit and do nothing and not enough time to do something else. It was a fucked-up-time.
by AJHM May 02, 2008

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mom's mad at dad.
It was an M.M.A.D. all throughout the holidays.
by AJHM December 28, 2008

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