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1. To come forward; to admit one's own wrongdoings
2. To face reality; to give up on delusions or hopeless dreams
1. Come out and face the music, Jim. I know you've been stealing my pizza from the fridge.

2. I wish I could be a billionaire, too, but we've all got to face the music, sometimes.
by ShAdOwZ January 30, 2010
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Dates back to 1850, but the exact origin is unknown. One theory is that it comes from the theater world, where musicians were in a pit in front of the stage, so "to face the music" was to turn towards the audience. Another theory says it comes from a Civil War military ceremony where an officer that is about to be cashiered is literally drummed out.
Come out and face the music. I know what you've been doing to my socks.
by papermachete November 03, 2005
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In addition to the "standard" definition of someone's coming forward and submitting to others' wrath over some stupid blunder/selfish misbehavior that he has committed, this term can also refer to the guilty individual's sentence being that he is obliged to listen to one or more horridly-performed vocal/instrumental selections, or to endure a period of a music-type that he abhors, such as if he only likes crash 'n' bash hard-rock/heavy-metal, but is forced to endure an hour of opera or chamber music.
excerpt from an old late-'90's Reader's Digest article that humorously speaks about how many teenagers absolutely loathe hearing their "musically impaired" parents sing anything, and thus how forcing them to listen to said ear-grating vocalizing would be a far more effective punishment/crime-deterrent than any currently-employed methods, such as fines or jail: Judge, gravely: Young man, this is the third time you've come before me in this courtroom. This is a very serious situation.
Juvenile delinquent, sullenly: Yeah, whatever.
Judge: Your previously-lenient punishment does not seem to be working. Your behavior has not improved at all, and so I am going to have to give you the very stiffest sentence possible in this case --- you're really going to have to "face the music" now.
Juvenile delinquent, shrugging with a devil-may-care attitude: Yeah, what else is new?? So what's it gonna be --- more JAIL TIME?!?!?
Judge: No --- jail is too good for you. I'm gonna have your mom come up here and sing "America the Beautiful" on the court karaoke.
Juvenile delinquent, widening his eyes in horror: Oh, NO, Sir --- please --- anything but that, Sir! Send me back to jail --- make me do community service --- anything else --- just not THAT, Sir!
by QuacksO July 14, 2016
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When you are in charge of a playlist for a large group and an extremely embarrassing or terrible song comes on the mix, making you the subject of scorn.
"Matt set a dope 90's playlist in the office today, but ran to a meeting just before "My Heart Will Go On" came on, so he didn't even have to face the music."
by Eo July 17, 2014
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