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Self-made warlord and original gangster in punk rock. Where Lou Reed is Chuck D, Tim Armstrong is Tupac. Tim has been in a number of bands throughout his career, most noteably Rancid and recently his solo project with the release of 2007's A Poet's Life. He writes his own lyrics depicting life for someone who choses to understand the world through counter culture idealism. His networking consists of the majority, if not the entire, rock world. His record label Hellcat Records was home to the late Joe Strummer. Tim Armstrong is widely respected and admired.
When I was living in Los Angeles, Tim Armstrong supported my friend's band and put them on Rancid Records. He's an awesome guy who still looks to the streets for talent.

"Have you heard the new Tim Armstrong record? That's some real shit."
by AllieVerlaine March 3, 2009
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When a person should just close their mouth or stop what they're doing right away because they are dangerously close to getting their ass beat.
"Ooh girl when she said my weave look fake she knew she was steppin' on an issue.."

"I know that car did not just cut me off. Imma get right up next to Speedy Gonzalez here and let him know he steppin' on some issues.."

"If my boss says one more thing to me today she goin' push me over the edge, she don't even know she steppin' on an issue.."
by AllieVerlaine March 3, 2009
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