No color, no smell, no trace...except on your central nervous system.

On par with heroin but not as addictive.

aka. speed, meth or crystal
The number of tik addictions was on the rise.
by quillitiesmazard April 8, 2005
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Tik, to tik, to take drugs off a local well known drug dealer with no intentions of paying them back.
“Where’s alex these days, ain’t seen him in like 6 months”
“Oh his names not alex anymore since he tik’d that twenty bag, now his parents are dead and he’s under witness protection..”
by SPUNKYmcBOOGER October 6, 2020
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An expression that is used to ask for a kiss. It may be accompanied by a light tapping of the finger.
Tikis: "tik tik" (taps finger twice)
Pammy: "Muaahh" (kiss)
by Rozoula February 3, 2010
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"thanks, i know"

to be used as a response to you telling someone off
erika: "omg u just told her off"
kumi: "tik"
by koda kumi February 27, 2008
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a broken clock/an excuse for those that are always late
"You're late."
"Nope, I'm on time. You've got a tik tik."
by Sharky Sarah Shark April 1, 2019
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1) fit,wkd
2) safe, aight
naaahh dey was fuckin tik man

guy 1...shit thanx blud
guy 2...iss tik
by twistaaa August 8, 2003
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a drug that is super addictive
pass me the tik
by HighPing June 6, 2019
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