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crazy ass chick with big eyes, permanently under the Cosmic Horn. she is black and therefore has booty. she is also super indie and hates harry potter. everybody loves her.
Her ass is so Tife
by bored in econs October 24, 2010
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AKA Tiffany slippery is the coolest girl on the planet. she can be shy at first but once you get it know her she is crazy. she may roast you sometimes but its only in a jokingly manner. Tife is the queen of fortnite and loves living life to the fullest
man do you know who that is

no but she's such a Tife
by d@tcrazychic October 01, 2018
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Type your definition here...A very crazy person with an amazing character...Very small. in nature, abuses a lot but soooo friendly... A romantic lover and can die for love.
Type an example of how it's used in a sentence...That girl is such a tife
why is he so tife to her
by hiefe September 16, 2018
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