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a queer/gay goth person.
look at Josh grind on that dude in pleather pants! he's so into fruitbats.

black or rainbow? ugh, I'm such a fruitbat.
by sphynxprince December 16, 2013
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A fruitbat is a slang word for a male who exhibits stereotypical homosexual characteristics and mannerisms. This is used in social situations where using a more colorful word might be inappropriate. Note that a person doesn't have to actually be a homo to be considered a fruitbat, but merely to have something about them that could be construed as representing homosexuality.
I never really knew about Chuck... He seemed alright, but when he screamed and shrieked when he saw a bug, it dawned on me that maybe he was a fruitbat. That, or maybe the time he was wearing a dress, fishnet stockings, and eye makeup.
by dustin fields October 03, 2006
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A female who:
1. Has an strong affinity for goth culture and...
2. Associates herself mainly with gay men.

Similar to a fag hag or a fruit fly, only with more eyeliner and cloves.
"This is Azriella Morningstar - she is Matt's favorite Fruit Bat."
by The Goddess Logana June 16, 2009
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an affectionate name for a close friend.
Cook from Skins (UK) talking to his friend JJ: Nothing's going to change, man. You're my very own little fruit bat.
by Skinssir December 29, 2011
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Demonic little fuckers that love to steal fruit from small children all over the world, leaving it only half eaten so it must be thrown away afterwards. Must be destroyed before it lays its seeds of decay and spawns more creatures from the souls of small children.
My, died...of fruit bats eggs...
by Eamm February 13, 2009
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A term used to describe blind gay men.
Lewis: "Did you find any butt down at the club tonight?"
Dirk: "Nah, it was Fruit Bat night, just a bunch of blind queens groping and echo locating each other."
by Johnny Anonn April 12, 2013
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A strange kid with huge ears that moves into your house possibly eats palm nuts did you just see that fruitbat?
Yeah it better not shit on my car
by Brob2389 August 11, 2011
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