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Random_user_A: hey man you're making some great content, I'd love to go above and beyond and sub to you at tier 4, but don't have enough money yet :(
Random_user_B: Tier 4 sub? The highest is tier 3
Random_user_A: yeah thats what I meant
Random_user_B: I mean it's up to you if you're feeling it, just note that tier 3 has little to no perks
Streamer: *reads chat* "Oh thank you Random_user_A! But you really don't have to if you can't"
by UltimateDoge September 02, 2021
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A go to expression for someone or something that spoils the fun / ruins the party through poor decision-making / choices or through total incompetence.
Mikey G turned down the tunes and it totally Tier 4'd the night so we all left to get chips and drinks.
by Georgivs Sofcox December 21, 2020
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A meme requiring almost an impossible knowledge of internet lore and underlying meme context to understand. Even with a detailed explanation, no normal person will ever understand the Tier 4 Meme.
When one encounters a Tier 4 meme and comprehends it their minds are blown.

Typically seen in group chats. Sent only from the group know it all. Often to no response.
Stop sending tier 4 memes. They are fucking with my head.

Jared needs to stop sending tier 4 memes in the work group chat. People are starting to think he's weird.
by CopeSnuff October 16, 2021
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