Somebody holding a deck of cards will offer to play "Tidy Up" and the gullible unsuspecting victim, thinking that this is a card game, will take up the offer. Then the person with the cards will throw the cards all over the floor and then order the victim to "tidy up". The game can also similarly be titled "Clean up", "Janitor", "Cleaner", or "Vaccuum".
Ross: "Wanna play Tidy Up?"
Deb: "How d'you play that?"
Ross: "I'll show you"
Deb: "Okay"
Ross throws the cards in his hand over the floor
Ross: "Tidy Up!"
by Steam Machine February 09, 2008
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A quick and clean wrap up to any cult crime/medical television show. Tidy-wrap-ups are comprised of dialogue absent scenes in slow motion and feature the music of "Cold Play", "Five for Fighting", "REM" or Gary Jules singing "Mad World". They are a quick way to "wrap-up" an episode without going into any complicated dialogue-rich explanations of what really happened to all the characters in the episode. One of the earliest instances of this technique was it's eloquent usage at the end of the cult classic film "Donnie Darko"-but the tidy-wrap-up was later bastardized due to overuse in popular television dramas.
"Damnit... I started my DVR too late last night and all I got was the tidy-wrap-up."

"Gahh.. this episode of CSI Miami is boring, can't we just skip to the tidy-wrap-up?"

"Christ on a cracker! stop being so dramatic, you're just like a tidy-wrap-up"
by saturnine_nightshade May 16, 2010
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