I thought I had lost my keys, but I found them and everything was tickety boo.
by Donald Currie December 31, 2004
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West of Scotland phrase covering a range of situations which are to your entire satisfaction because of someone's intervention. Somewhere between "right on" and "thanks pal."
Here's a tenner.
Tickety boo.
by John Fergusson September 16, 2003
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1. Going smoothly, doing all right. Copacetic.

2. Proceeding quickly.

This expression may have originated in Scotland, where it's the title of a popular children's song. A song called "Everything Is Tickety-Boo" was recorded by Danny Kaye as part of the film "Merry Andrew".

This expression is heard more often in Canada nowadays. May have originated in the British military. Possibly related to the Hindi expression "tickee babu", meaning "everything's alright, sir". Some people spell it "diggity boo" or "tiggity boo".
Everything is tickety-boo, tickety-boo, tickety-boo...
by Jay Young December 24, 2005
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A task or project that is to be completed in a quick fashion and/or expeditiously
You better get in and out of that store Tickety Boo, I'm NOT missing my game for this!!
by amisstree August 21, 2009
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The legendary phrase by Moira Gradwell. Used after a certain action when something is seen as positive for example a distinction on your work is tickety boo
by Rick Rouse Bouse June 18, 2021
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