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6 definitions by amisstree

A task or project that is to be completed in a quick fashion and/or expeditiously
You better get in and out of that store Tickety Boo, I'm NOT missing my game for this!!
by amisstree August 21, 2009
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Having intuitions of both suspicion and speculation of a questionable event, person, or story.
Knowing what a liar Jack was, I suspeculate his story of spotting Elvis was bullshit.
by amisstree January 25, 2010
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When a female smells like her diet consists of a lot of curry and/or curried fish and NOT many baths or douche.
When Raja sat down next to me at the library today, I was so overcome by her cussy smell I felt I was going to vomit.
by amisstree January 24, 2011
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The act of staying up till all hours of the morning diddling around on the computer and waking up at some unreasonable hour with your keyboard stuck to your forehead.
Karen: Dan, what's up with your neck today?
Dan: I was up all night on the computer doing research. Have they found a cure for cybersomnia yet?
Karen: You're an asshole!
by amisstree October 6, 2009
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The vain act of wearing shoes that kill your feet for the self satisfaction of looking "cute".
Even though Amy was committing shoeicide, she did not care b/ she felt she looked fine in her new Prada boots.
by amisstree November 30, 2010
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Acting or speaking in such a way that it is both silly and hilarious @ the same time.
Kevin acted so silarious at times, we all considered him class clown.
by amisstree January 24, 2011
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