4 definitions by A tired tian

Somebody named Tian is a very cool person, if you know anybody named Tian you should go up to him and give him some candy
A) Are you a Tian?
B) yes
A) okay here you go have some candy!
by A tired tian November 12, 2021
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A) What is that, may i taste it?
B) yes.
A) mmm good soup
by A tired tian November 25, 2021
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If you searched this up you're either
1) gay

2) very bored
And in some rare cases

3) Very homophobic and sexsist little 10 year old spoiled white brat who should stay at least 10000 miles away from me
A) *you searching up Ranboo*
A) *Also you being one of the 3 above*
B) Me "heh feel exposed bitch"
by A tired tian November 25, 2021
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Someone named Banono (also known as Heptor, Hektor, Whiteboy afro or tall boi) usually lack brain cells, can be a good friend but make sure you don't lose brain cells hanging out with them!!
A) Are you a Banono?
B) Yes I am a Banono!
A) oh no! *Instantly loses brain cells*
by A tired tian November 15, 2021
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