Guy 1: Makes a terrible piece of fanart

Guy 2: TiHi!

Guy 1: What?
by Blob Sagat January 3, 2019
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A euphemism for drugs imported from Taiwan or Thailland(because TIHI can be pronounced as Tai-High). It is also used to mock reddit users for thinking everything is about reddit, as TIHI is spelt the same as the popular subreddit name r/TIHI.
"Yo I got some TIHI. Wanna get some for youself?"

"Sure, I'll take it. The new dealer knows how to get his stuff."

"MMMMMMMM, delicious!"
by Notinhandle22291 May 8, 2021
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Stands for “Thanks, I Hate It

Often said/commented after seeing or being told something that they wish they had never seen.

Also the name of the popular subreddit: r/TIHI
Person 1: Considering sperm and eggs are made from nutrients, you could’ve been a bean burrito at some point.
Person 2: Oh, wow! TIHI!
by TheRadioDemon_ December 26, 2020
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Reddit's first layer of Hell. Their 7th most cursed subreddit. TIHI stands for "Thanks, I hate it!" Its the subreddit for only minor cursed images, art, and videos.
Hey, dude! Come look at my fanart! I turned Spongebob into an innuendo joke!
Thanks, I hate it.
Should I put it on Reddit?
Well, sure, but put it on a cursed subreddit.
Which one?
r/TIHI. It stands for, "Thanks, I hate it."
by ProfessionalRedditor November 20, 2019
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