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Thwaites is a person who is absolutely at giving the best orgasm ever. They know exactly how to do their partner is many different ways. They also know how to vary the intensity of the sex to achieve multiple orgasms.

If you combine this with a Thomas you will have the time of your life.
Girl 1 : oh my god i had a total Thwaites last night.

Girl 2 : Real?
Girl 1 : yeah he was a real thomas thaites
by mizz yo August 06, 2010
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1) Another, not quite so offensive way of saying twat.
2) How to pronounce a the name of a character from the film Guest House Paridiso.
3) A Yorkshire brewery.
1) "You sir, are a thwaite!"
2) Mr. Twat: "Actually, it's pronounced Thwaite."
Guest: "Well, it's spelt Twat."
3) "Pint of Thwaites please"
by Gareth Harris September 01, 2006
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