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Texting battle; Fighting through text messaages; Sending and receiving mean, nasty negative text messages back and forth with someone.
"Ashley and Derek were engaged in a nasty thumb war last night."

"Damn, that was a ugly thumb war!"

"You should see some of the outrageous things Caitlyn wrote to Carrie during their thumb war. She definitely won that one!"
by JacDod August 16, 2011
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A Game Where you cuff Your Hand and Your Enemys Hands into One, both Lifting Your Thumbs And say '1,2,3,4, i declare a thumb War!!'(maybe something other) and try to pin the enemys Thumb under yours. You may only use 1 hand. the winner who pins his enemys thumb down for a short time(5-10 seconds) wins the so called war.
Me And austin Had a thumb War last night, i totally owned him.
by Sythex June 18, 2007
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On urbandictionary, a thumb war consists giving your own definition a thumbs up and giving a rival's definition a thumbs down on a daily basis while said rival does the same for himself. A thumb war is won when one of the contenders forgets to vote and/or gets a life.
I hope the addition of this definition doesn't provoke a thumb war.
by y=mx+b January 23, 2009
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When a man inserts one thumb in a woman's vagina and another in her asshole and twiddles his thumbs.
Mike could not win the thumb war while playing with Jenni last night, but Jenni won.
by TopThree October 06, 2017
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