A kid or young adult that gets mad over something they didn’t like, get, want, or generally anything that pisses them off. They would say something along the lines of, “I WANT IT NOW!” or constantly get on the floor bawling. Mostly applies to spoiled brats.
always throwing a fit over something he didn’t like
by theCrushedIdiot May 1, 2020
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to get very angry or fly into rage, after being provoked or agitated by certain action.
Monika: So how was in the bar yesterday?
Mike: The bouncer had to remove one dude who throw a fit, because he was waiting for half an hour in line.
by midzata December 22, 2011
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Your first day of school outfit, the outfit you wear to the bars that gets you laid every time.
I told my buddy Grant I was going to throw a fit at the bars tonight… I had on my best kicks and jeans. He said I should join the “Baby Gang” cause I always throw fits!
by nroberts1 September 3, 2021
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When someone gets a panic attack and breaks a few things and curses at their loved ones.
Look Randy took her candy she's going to throw a fit.
Don't throw a fit but I ate your pancakes.
by Obnoxious sass December 21, 2020
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