Man don't be greedy throw some.

Oh J got the party pack Throw some.
by T Grizzly March 15, 2007
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To furnish a newly acquired vehicle with Dayton Rims.
Rich Boy sellin' crack, broke niggas wanna jack, shit tight no slack, just bought a cadillac, throw some d's on that bitch
by Rich Boy October 31, 2006
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Originally in the aspect of putting Dayton Rims on an old car, the term has grown other aspects.

In all usage, the term is used to describe making something better with a bit of cash flow. Such things are used every day, from tipping a waiter/waitress so one may accquire good service, to putting money into one's computer network to make it better.
"I had to throw some D's at that sucker just so he could serve me"

"Man, that's one shitty cell phone... you aughta throw some D's at that, sucka!"
by MN Moore December 26, 2006
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A flimsy excuse for bailing on your friends. This does not mean that the actual act of cutting or stacking firewood does or does not occur however. It can also be an excuse for why you failed to perform a specific act or function.
Yeah, Jeezy was supposed to come bowling but he said he was busy throwing some firewood.
by Metal Soldier December 30, 2011
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Verb- use of a microwave to prepare food. A microwave oven causes water molecules in the food to vibrate, producing heat, which is distributed through the food by induction. Akin to microwaving, microblasting, nuking, heating up, reheating…etc.
Mikey- "Hey mom I’m going to eat some of this easy-mac."
Mom- "Make sure you throw some waves on it for a good two minutes mmmkay."

Jeff- "What did you bring for lunch? Alls I got is this turkey sandy."
Russ- "I've got some leftover casserole which might be pretty dece once I throw some waves on it"
by StevenRecker February 11, 2008
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Slang saying , Willing to give something a try because you have nothing to lose in doing so .

Origin; Brandon Fl, local meat department.
Hey Trlak do you want to go out dancing? Sure I'll throw some fat at that!
by Meat an January 4, 2016
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