An uber-cool and ravishingly good looking internet forum dweller who flits between threads like a skylark betwixt the clouds, posting seemingly off-topic missives about monkeys, dolphins and highwaymen with like-minded souls, much to the annoyance of other forum dweebs.

This is called "thrashing". Those who do it are "thrashers".

Poster 1 : What do you all think of the latest series of This Is Your Life
Poster 2 : It's excellent, but I wish they'd do Derren Brown
Thrasher 1 : What is your favourite type of monkey?
Poster 1 : What?
Thrasher 1 : I prefer the bonobo.
Poster 1 : ARGH :madsmiley:
Poster 2 : HELP :sadsmiley:
Thrasher 1 : God I'm handsome.
MODERATOR : You're banned Thrasher!
by Niteflite April 10, 2006
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One who listens to thrash metal. Basically a headbanger. Most like to drink and get rowdy. Usual pick up line is "hey baby, you into speed metal?"
Those thrashers at the bar tonight were getting too damn rowdy.
by shitface December 1, 2003
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A dedicated skateboarder or in-line skater. Someone who considers it not just a sport, but a life-style.
by prod November 24, 2004
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a word commonly used by the supes-cool gen z's to describe someone who is a good skateboarder.
wow look at that supes-cool gen z, hes a thrasher on that halfpipe
by angie the diggidy dog September 21, 2020
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Anyone, male of female, who is predisposed to arbitrary violence.
Andrew's gang is a bunch of thrashers. They busted my car last night.
by Syntel October 12, 2002
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1. The Thrasher- is a hand gesture with a sexual connotation. The pointer finger and middle are pointing straight up while the thumb is bent like a hook. The ring and index fingers are kept in a fist and the back of the hand faces outwards (away from the gesture).

2. "The Thrasher"- A term Used to describe a sexual maneuver performed on a male by a female companion. It involves putting two fingers on the testicular sack and One in the back.

The term was first used by two men from the Maryland,P.G. county area. While they sat around thinking of new sexual moves to perform on there females. They came up with a move that females can use on the men. It is a spin off from the popular term The Shocker
1.Jenny was feeling a little Frisky in bed, So she decided to give Stephen The Thrasher.

2.Last night This crazy girl gave me the Thrasher, Man I was not ready for that!

3. Dude, When she gave me the Thrasher, All I could think was how much a Dirty girl she was.
by CarlosandSteve September 10, 2008
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people who listen only thrash/death/black metal and say that others sucks. very often they're just posers who try to look cool and really don't like such heavy music.
Thrashers: Slayer rules! Metallica rules! Others are complete shit! Fuck 'em all!
by another asshole August 23, 2013
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