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A widely-used term for any group of men whom attempt to protect other men from thots. Thot patrollers can come from all walks of life. A thot patroller can be white, black, hispanic, asian, rich, poor, tall, short, fat, built, anything. A true thot patroller isn't defined by his personality. A thot patroller is defined by his hatred of thots.
Terry: Man, I'm gonna bang the fuck out of Maria!
Dave: Take it from the thot patrol, she ain't worth the plastic she's sculpted from.
by Gravity Fallout April 07, 2017
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A extremely skilled task force that was made one thing...

Eliminate all thots from the face of the earth.
Bitch boy: Yo Dan I was saved today.
Dan: Bruh what happened!?
Bitch boy: I was about to hit Chelsea from the back when I realized that she had used that thot dog Snapchat filter in her story!
Dan: Bruh what!
Bitch boy: Ya! That's when I found out she was a thot and before I could stick my dick in her pussy and receive every STD known to man, the thot patrol bursted through the wall and yelled "THOT B GONE!" And erased the thot from existence.
Dan: You can always count on Thot Patrol
by Vaporwave Daddy August 30, 2017
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A squad of real niggas who help lesser niggas identify potential and well know thots in order to stop the thot from playing with a niggas emotions.
nigga: Damn man, this chick is hot!
thot patrol: NO, MAN! She a thot! dont let her play with your heart nigga!
nigga: thanks man!
by Frankuuu December 01, 2016
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A group of superior entities who's primary goal is to rid the Earth of all thots and thottery alike.
dem dere Thot Patrol haveth clensed my neighborhood of thots
by PsuedOwO June 26, 2017
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A group of well trained thot hunters who keep the world safe from thots. They have a base somewhere in every city where the group captures and interrogate thots to find out information about their leader, Thot Kardashian. The thot patrol will eradicate all thots and restore balance to the world
Mary: Yo how many guys did you sleep with last night
Sharqueeshwajingho: 84
Emperor Tiber Septim: This is the Thot patrol. Mary and Long Black name, you have been found guilty of thotting now face your doom
Both proceed to be vaporized by ETS's eye lasers.
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A secret Facebook group of members known as brodies that go on patrol by getting other pages and thots zucced from Facebook. They are feared in the underground world of Facebook. Their leader is known to dox enablers.
Did you hear about that group that got attacked by Thot Patrol? They got zucced.
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by Broken Tony May 19, 2017
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A group of people who help lessen the influence of thots or hoes on a mans life. They are known for going out of their way to stop a thot at all costs. They also keep men aware of thots so they don't have their emotions played.
by Thotpatrolnibba January 03, 2017
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