A extremely skilled task force that was made one thing...

Eliminate all thots from the face of the earth.
Bitch boy: Yo Dan I was saved today.
Dan: Bruh what happened!?
Bitch boy: I was about to hit Chelsea from the back when I realized that she had used that thot dog Snapchat filter in her story!
Dan: Bruh what!
Bitch boy: Ya! That's when I found out she was a thot and before I could stick my dick in her pussy and receive every STD known to man, the thot patrol bursted through the wall and yelled "THOT B GONE!" And erased the thot from existence.
Dan: You can always count on Thot Patrol
by Vaporwave Daddy August 30, 2017
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A group of superior entities who's primary goal is to rid the Earth of all thots and thottery alike.
dem dere Thot Patrol haveth clensed my neighborhood of thots
by PsuedOwO June 22, 2017
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A secret Facebook group of members known as brodies that go on patrol by getting other pages and thots zucced from Facebook. They are feared in the underground world of Facebook. Their leader is known to dox enablers.
Did you hear about that group that got attacked by Thot Patrol? They got zucced.
by Broken Tony May 19, 2017
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A group of specially qualified individuals (almost always men) who are tasked with the objective of patrolling the local town/city centre, schools, alleyways to observe and monitor Thot activity and growth. Those associated with the Thot Patrol are trained in stealth to infiltrate Thot territory and eradicate the group to protect the local people from such thots by negotiation or militaristic action, whatever is needed will be done.
"I'm excited to join The Thot Patrol ranks"
by Thot Patrol 69 May 31, 2019
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An elite task force that is highly trained and extremely smart and militarized to take down and eliminate potential thots.
Man she’s gone thot patrol must’ve gotten her
by Big daddy titty tat April 4, 2018
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An elite division of the police, can be found on many places. Including: Real life, ROBLOX, Discord, Skype, Steam, and many more sites and apps. The Thot Patrol keeps Thots at bay and/or exterminate them. The earth has had Thot Patrols and Thots for decades, it is and always has been the duty of the Thot Patrols to keep them from ruining our friends, family, and property.
"Oh no I see a thot trying to pet my dog, guess I'll have to call the Thot Patrol"
by Hemllock August 9, 2018
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A Squad of highly trained homies who are experienced in dealing with the art of Thottery.

They came to exterminate all Thots so no nibba has to sob during Sad Nigga Hours
Thot 1: My Hoe! the Thot Patrol is around the block
Thot 2: Oh Shit! They came to exterminate us
by AnimeWaffle November 10, 2017
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