The amazingly creative genius behind the band Radiohead. Known most for short stature, lazy eye, and inntroverted nature. Supporter of fair trade organizations and outspoken on the subject of climate change.
Man, Thom Yorke is one beautiful 40 year old.
by umlikewhatever May 16, 2009
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The hardest alcoholic beverage ever made, in tribute to the hardest man alive.

- 12 oz Natural Ice
- 4 oz Jack Daniels
- splash of gasoline (or diesel)
- dash of straight skoal spit

Thom Ice must be shotgunned. Once the can is stabbed and the tab is popped, you must light the beverage on fire and proceed to chug.

Surgeon General's Warning: Consumption of Thom Ice results in definite death
Yo, last night Glenn slugged a Thom Ice... He died
by Gran Gravies August 29, 2009
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(1)Lead singer for the British rock band Radiohead. noun
(2)Freakishly creative genius to the point where it's kinda sexy. noun
(3)People who look sleepy but aren't.
(2)Watch Radiohead's "Just" video, or any other videos. Or even listen to the songs. The lyrics don't make any sense until you wake up at 2AM on a Tuesday realizing that what was written was so deep.
by DJ Cheesecake June 25, 2004
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also means "über man hotness/wits/charm/and vocal talent"
Holy shit, this front man totally pulled off a thom yorke.
by booya April 08, 2003
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also, "the guy from radiohead."
thom yorke is 19 years, 9 months, and 28 days older than i am. and i would wreck that guy.
by pais April 15, 2007
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A complete dipshit who thinks Punk Rockers wear 'FLOWERS IN THEIR HAIR' and who doesn't realise that instead of quoting ' i wish i was a punk rock girl with flowers in my hair' she should quote ' I am a punk rock wannabe with flowers in my hair'.
She adds to the disgusting collection of retards who think punk is a trend and that you look 'cool' by pretending to be one. No dress sense, avril lavigne lookalike (Ew), dumb fuck who doesnt realise when she walks down the street she will get pummeled.

REAL punk who actually wants to change society: 'SHUT THE FUCK UP RETARD
by Courtney Kipling July 25, 2006
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