when something happens or someone says something that devastatingly hurts your feelings.
Anna: did you see the end of titanic?

Jenna: omg yes the part when jack dies?

Anna: Yeah...that shit hurted.
by Hunnyhumptrees June 30, 2018
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An exclamation said when one makes a poop so humongoid that it hurts.
Arnold: I just dropped a deuce times twelve. That shit hurt!!!
by The Little Kid May 24, 2006
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a kid from a meme try's to do a cool trick on a skate board but fails and does the split

and says "dat shit hurting" now when people hurt themselves they say dat shit hurting.
guy: *breaks leg*

other guy: are you ok?

guy: dat shit hurting!
by 🥔 July 11, 2018
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