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According to Wikipedia Machester is actually the UK's 9th city or should it be called a town?

1 London 7,172,091
2 Birmingham 970,892
3 Glasgow 629,501
4 Liverpool 469,017
5 Leeds 443,247
6 Sheffield 439,866
7 Edinburgh 430,082
8 Bristol 420,556
9 Manchester 394,269
Manchester is the third city of the UK and therefore lags way behind its more properous, better educated and much larger rival, Birmingham, the true second city of the UK.
by Mr R Right February 04, 2008
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A small decaying mill town called Manchester which is INFERIOR to the UK's second city of Birmingham.
I come from Manchester the third city of the UK which is inferior in every respect to Birmingham the UK's second city.
by Trebor Girth February 03, 2008
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theres no official second or third city of the u.k although it is usually regarded as manchester or birmingham.
manchester has the cultural edge with its art and music scenes. birmingham has a population nearly twice the size of the city of manchester and is why it is sometimes called britains second city, but if that is that is the case the city of london without the rest of greater london boroughs has a population just over a fifth of that of stockport.the west midlands conurbatiion and the greater manchester conurbation both have a population of around 2 million and is why manchester is the u.k's second city.
by seanbastard August 25, 2008
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Birmingham, officially the gun crime capital of the universe and resembles a large sewer. Birmingham is officially the third city of the United Kingdom and only a Birmingham sewer rat would say otherwise.
Hi! I am from Birmingham, therefore I live in a sewer, oh how I hate the third city of the UK, my own sewer.
by Professor R Right July 27, 2008
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