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When a friend stands in a driveway and tells you with a smile one her/his face and say's, "I have an idea and watch they will all follow me."
Girl: Can time go backwards?
Guy: They follow me Sally watch, I started it first and they follow me.
Girl: Whatever silly don't be so cocky. How was your day? Are you too busy to talk?
Guy: No, whats up?
Girl: I just wanted to communicate with you.

(5years later)
Guy: We should just do it. We want to have sex. I think you deserve better in life.
Girl: We will ruin or friendship and I have feelings for you already.
Guy: I'll never harm you. If I were a samurai and I could ever save your life would you let me? Roschell told me no.
Girl: (Laughing) Ok, but only if the children can be saved too. (under her breath) I love you____.
*(He didn't hear me because of the traffic at the intersection turning into the drive way of Logan's, I never said it again *until now*)
(10 years later)

Woman: Nice hat
Man: I told you Sally, they follow me.
Woman: For good or bad reasons?
Man: Ra meaning I'm a sledghammer and I'm right
Woman: Are you really? Glad "The Man" gets to runn that's right R. u. N.N. his mouth and away. Never say I didn't warn you. Look like an Ass and a whole bit of never shows up when love calls. Have fun with shallow hallows. Did you ever really love me was that a faced/ad to get me in the sack that many times tricky dixcsnon?

Has he won the Oscar for best preformance but it was all and act? That's why they get called Oscar J Deezy's. When they want to, as they would say "Hit That" all the boys pull out that Oscar winning performance. Then dump you and call you a hoe, hooch, the list goes on...and or a bitch that won't give it up. Sockondeez words smithy Doe!
by WlfC'sUrTricksSuckITJ February 04, 2010
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