The contract of "they" and "are", often confused with "there" and "their".
They're nice people.
by Hazel January 3, 2004
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Jessica:hey look over they're
Tim:over whe're
by Anvxd September 27, 2019
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three words no one seems to get which one to use, and some examples (that probably violate the 1st amendment) on how to use them.

they're=they are . their= possession there= location
They're, There, Their: Examples

They're: ex #1. THEY'RE lighting that church on fire, is that even okay? ex #2. THEY'RE really hot, literally, THEY'RE burning in the fire from the church.

Their: ex #3. They used THEIR torch to light the church on fire. they learned how to make is from a five minuet crafts video, on THEIR computer.

There: ex #4 Hey, look over THERE, the church is on fire.
by n0on3 May 4, 2021
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Three variations of a phonetically identical utterance that idiots the world over (including directors of my company) can't seem to understand. For these persons, the three variations are fully interchangeable regardless of they're grammatical correctness, which their never likely to grasp in a million years.
Let's go over their and see what there doing with they're pals.
by Originalism April 7, 2005
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They are is. Only smart people can use this legendary rare word.

So basically this word gives you the option to use either "They're", "They", "There" or "There's" in a sentence without it being "incorrect".

Y'know some people are jus very tired and they say random stuff, which it what i did. My "friend" clowned me about it. and that's when i took it personally... as Michael Jordan once said, which is now a trending basketball meme.
Student: Wait so you said they'res how many pages in the packet we have to complete tonight?"

Teacher: "They'res 4 pages, enjoy the rest of your day!"
by iHatesJhits January 9, 2021
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Commonly confused words in texts, writing, and Facebook that are used in every day language and are supposed to be used in different ways.
their, there, they're
OMG Karen you can't just ask people why they're white!

I mean, I couldn't have a lesbian at my party! There were gonna be girls there in their bathing suits! I mean, right? She was a lesbian!
by luckstruck December 15, 2010
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To express one's distress after being praised and/or inappropriately fondled.
Monkey: (after having his hands sniffed) What going on? They're just monkey fuzzy hands! They're not much!
by Monkey.Boy February 26, 2012
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