The all powerful sex have, Steve Zahn.
From such movies as, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and others.
Greg: “hey dad what’s up
The Zahn: “what the fuck did you call me you little shit
The Zahn: “it’s The Zahn to you”
by YourMomsDrippings May 11, 2021
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To tell a blatant lie or completely fabricate a story.
Zahning - "Man you were sooo drunk last night, I bet you dont remember, but you totally fucked that fat chick."

Target of the Zahning - "I was sober cab and that definitely never happened."
by Silkthashocker July 13, 2011
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If youre named this you're best person in the whole entire world!

It also means ur hot and have great legs... and cute abs. You are nice and a gentleman and you alsways no when to have a party! They know how to talk to be and are so smart and polite!!!!!! <3<3
Zahn is a name
by heyheyheywownoway! November 15, 2018
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The German word tooth, this is someone who has a great smile and can also describe a great smile.
"Did meet Daniel yet"
"Yeah he had such a great Zahn"

"Have you seen John"
"Yes, he is such a Zahn"
by the_real_deal March 24, 2013
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a girl that is very bubbly around her around friends. she is very kind and supportive of her fans. she is a sweet and intelligent person. most blone haired, eye colored girls like Aidan Zahn can be very cute. she is very outgoing and love to make videos of herself dancing. rumors say that she is the kindess,adorable,bubbly person on earth 🦋🌎
Aidan zahn are the most cutest people on earth
by heckazahn May 7, 2019
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