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This family consists of three kids, Tony Adam and Emily. Tony and Emily are the definition of white trash. Tony constantly cheats on people and pulls his pants down by his wee wee to take pictures of himself because he's so conceted. Emily on the other hand is a trashy, grimey, slut. She walks around, just about 3 feet tall, acting like she's some hot piece of ass. She is a nasty slut who is also very conceted. She robs all of her "friends" for their money and steals everyones clothes. She is nasty bitch. But adam, he's okay. Everyone likes him, and his lisp. Beware of Emily and Tony, they are trashy pieces of shit, and no one likes them.
I just saw some trash on the side of the road and almost mistakened it for The Yinglings.
by Shaquoya October 27, 2011
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