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it's so ghetto here.
dude, you're in the woo, what do you expect?
by ThuqMoney December 05, 2010
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Another name for Worchester Massachusetts.
Birth place of William J. Rocco.
Let's go to THE WOO and score some crack cocaine.
by Mr. Rose April 22, 2005
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OBV, not Worchester Massachusetts.. more like Woburn Massachusetts. Place that everyone says they hate, but deep down inside, they love.
girl: damn, the woo sucks so bad.
boy: shut up you know you love it!
girl:.. i know :l
by Tomyyyyyyy December 13, 2007
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Clearly not Worchester OR Woburn Massachusetts. More like Woodhaven Michigan.

A town filled with too many people and not nearly enough to do.
Jack: "Let's go to the Woo!"

Sally: "No way, there's nothing to do there.. at all."
by Ohhhchild August 18, 2008
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The sound that is made after the consumption of a lot of alcoholic beverages or spirits that then leads to al manners of chaos; usually heard at collegiate events, family reunions and other social gatherings; swiftly folllowed by the sound of sirens either at the event or following from the event
We were having a great time but then we heard thewoo at which we hurried up and got out of there quickly
by The original Queen Bee June 26, 2017
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