The state of Michigan got whitmerized when governor Gretchen Whitmer used her executive order to close nonessential businesses. This was done in the wake of the covid 19 pandemic and it saved thousands of lives by either slowing or stopping the spread of this deadly virus.
When Michigan got whitmerized a lot of people were very upset. If they could work in the medical field they would understand how bad this virus is and see that she did the right thing.
by jimmybomm May 2, 2021
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Gretchen Whitmer has created covid rules she herself didn't follow
by Sexydimma June 16, 2021
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Not very smart governor of Michigan
Gretchen Whitmer created some covid restrictions she herself didnt want to follow.
by Sexydimma June 15, 2021
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Bob: Damn Governor Whitmer is a fucking bitch. Bill: Tells us something we don't know.
by laughmaker5000 October 21, 2020
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