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adj. The Waffle is a term for someone who has the ability to be smart and make good decisions, but sometimes acts before they think. The action or phrase is usually stupid, and makes everyone think they are dumb.

v. To make yourself seem dumb by saying something or acting out without thinking first
Hunter: "Man, so that's where they keep all the fairies! Fairy Storage!!! DUH!!!"

Andrew: "Hunter, you are now officially The Waffle!!!"
by drew3782 April 09, 2010
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The waffle is a large non-solid shit that is produced, often after consuming copious amounts of food, by humans and resembles a Belgian waffle in both appearance, and texture.
Damn he has been in the bathroom for ever β€œI bet he’s doing the waffle ”
by Capvara January 01, 2018
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