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When being done doggie style and the male is about to come. You reach between your legs and flick him in the balls while shouting, "Sanctuary."
Heather gave Jon The Quasimodo last night and he enjoyed it.
by Dreadvader October 09, 2014
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The term used to describe the back position of a girl with poor Doggie-style form. Instead of the preferred arch position, with the butt hanging high in the air for easy access, the women instead "hunches" her back, like Quasimodo the hunchback of Notre Dame, allowing the buttocks poor accessing points.
Damn man you fucked X yet? Cause she has possibly the worst Hunchback I've ever seen.

Damn girl, you got that hunchie?

I don't know how to say this to you but, your Quasi-fucked up.

Man, fuck the Quasimodo. He ruins all good times.
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