The largest bittorrent tracker in the world, freely available to everyone without registration or membership fees. The Pirate Bay is a Swedish project not only famous for its assortment of downloadable movies, tv series, games and pr0n, but also for its sincere and cheeky responses to legal threats from various software corporations.
"It is the opinion of us and our lawyers that you are fucking morons, and that you should please go sodomize yourself with retractable batons.

Go fuck yourself.

Polite as usual,

- from The Pirate Bay legal threats section
by Xschtar February 5, 2006
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Made in the year of 2003, The Pirate Bay is the Salvation Army of the internet, as they are a website that allows you to download just about anything, for free.
In April of 2009, the owners of the website were sent to jail for one year, and made pay 3.6 million USD for fines & "damages."
Damages to whom? Well the so-called artists of course! How else would they be able to pay for their private jets?
Guy One: The Pirate Bay is awesome!
by A Filthy Communist November 11, 2009
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The pirates bay is an online file-sharing website. This site is used to download almost every single thing you can imagine, songs, programs, porn the list goes on and on... Many people have tried to site this site down with unsuccessful results. The domain name of the site changes a lot.
person one: Ah man adobe Photoshop is too expensive i cant afford it.
person two: Have you never heard of the pirates bay you can get that shit for free.
by GeOfFfFfFfF February 23, 2018
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