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Taken from the spelling of the awesome rock band Motley Crue, a group of people in my school that I am classified in. It consists of people otherwise known as the Misfits. There are people who get in trouble a lot, people who are weird and do weird things, random people, the whorish people that no one else likes but the TMC does, and the people who are pretty go-with-the flow unless you piss them off (that would be me). Also includes any other types of people who are so small in numbers that they aren't counted as their own group. Does not include anyone with a mental disability that qualifies them for Special Ed.
Preppy Bitch: Yeah, like, Oh my gosh. We were just like standing around and talking about our boyfriends when The Motley Crue showed up and just started talking about random stupid things. When we said something they got all mad (Haha, that would be me right there) and they told us that if we didn't shut up they would slit our throats with our own fake nails. Yeah, like whatever!
by GIR needs rehab August 26, 2008
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