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The name of a pose commonly used for profile pictures on social networking sites such as facebook. Typically 'The Khan' is performed by a shirtless male often covered in Man-lube where the male has one arm behind the head to accentuate the biceps. Another common practice when Khaning is to draw charcoal outlines around the area where the six-pack would be in an attempt to look like one of the spartans from the movie 300.

Variations of 'The Khan' include

'The 2 handed (or Double) Khan' where both hands are placed behind the head. (useful in those situations where 1 hand just isn't enough) and the ever-popular 'Inverted Khan'.
Man 1: What's the name of that pose you're doing on that picture tagged 'one for the ladies'?

Man 2: Where have you been, everyone knows The Khan.
by cptchopper July 28, 2008
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The epitome of greatness, suppleness, ripeness, and bountifulness. We must all praise The Khan for his eternal greatness and provide gifts to display our affection for The Bountiful Khan. He is of the utmost ripeness, always ready for the harvest.
Person A: "Hey man, what's new?"
Person B: "Not much, I've just been preparing gifts to offer to The Khan."
Person A: "Oh, yeah – I need to do that too. He's been so supple to us lately, we shall praise The Khan!"
by WorshipperOfTheKhan November 10, 2009
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The greatest of all humans, capable of extraordinary powers. Imitation and eternal love are The Khan's greatest strengths; perhaps, the source of his wizardly powers. The Khan sports a long wizard beard that has the ability to store many things. It is also the fluffiest and most comfortable beard to have ever existed and many farmers harvest its shining white hairs to use in different ways.

A common parting phrase for followers of The Khan is "may The Khan be with you"
Person 1: The Khan is my life.
Farmer: I agree, he provides wizard beard for our family throughout all seasons.
Person 2: May The Khan be with you.
by WizardlyBeard November 11, 2009
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