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The Marin City housing projects where Tupac used to live, and home to 5150, and some fucked up Sheriffs.
Wasulu: You goin to the jungle my nigga?
Sir Wellington: I shant, its pretty fuckin gutta!
by Brotha Dyk Hung November 25, 2006
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-A ghetto
-A particularly dangerous ghetto
-Compton (LA)
It's a war up in this jungle, to many nizzels bustin caps.
by w3rd March 25, 2003
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Aparrtment neighborhood in Los Angeles known as Baldwin Village. Famous from movie training Day when Denzel Washington took the rookie to meet his girlfriend Eva Mendez. Also known for its high population of Bloods, The Bounty Hunters.
Chris:"Wat You got jerkin tonite?"

Eric:"I wanna go chill wit this girl I just met but she stay in The Jungles."

Chris:" If you do I know you gonna go home and take that blue shirt and blue hat off."

Eric:" Yea I know I ain't suicidal!"
by StreetWiseNicca May 15, 2009
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A book by Upton Sinclair, depicting the horrors of the American Meatpacking Industry during the late 19th century.
The Jungle was a very controversal book, that the president himself took action to regulate the way food is processed in America
by d'fo March 24, 2004
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A basement of a home in southern New Jersey where local highschool kids are often found boozin, using, and having drunken sex. All around a garunteed good time. The Jungle has ben many people's first time they drank, did drugs, or had all types of sex.
Where are we goin tonite? I heard the Jungle is open.
by FreeYaYo March 16, 2005
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