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A mystical beast of unknown origins. Some say he has a wing span of 25 feet. He has the feet of a camels and talons of a hawk. To summon him have a can of green AXE in your hand and make the shape of a pentagram with the cans fluid. Then find a knife, cut your dick off and place it in the center of the pentagram. Then say "I call to you Hark, my one true master and savoir!". After that he will swoop into your house breaking all of your windows and take you far away. Each place is different for everybody. Be weary he likes to stalk men with tight asses at 2 in the morning.
A beast that croak's to the pleasure of pillaging your anus. You don't find "The Hark", he finds you.
by The Birthday Cammel June 01, 2013
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