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The Han Solo occurs when you are sitting across a table from a lady at a seedy cantina (although a restaurant will do in a pinch). You then jizz on her under the table. Congratulations, you have completed "The Han Solo." Make sure if there are any other guys present, you jizz first.
"Hey, John. So we were out at Romano's earlier and I totally pulled The Han Solo out on Rebbecca. She was pretty pissed when she found out. Yeah, as a matter of fact, this is my one phone call. You know a lawyer?"
by F201 August 25, 2008
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When you giving it to her slow,right when you're gonna nut,you yell"Prepare for the jump to light speed"you speed up and you shoot it all in
Guy:I gave my girl the Han Solo last night.
Friend:How was it
Guy:She knows how to pilot the falcon
by Wheelz February 06, 2017
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