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The Green Hornet was a television show on the ABC US television network.
It aired for one season from 1966-1967, and starred Van Williams as the Green Hornet/Britt Reid and Bruce Lee as Kato.
The show followed the adventures of playboy and media mogul Britt Reid, owner and publisher of the Daily Sentinel. As the masked vigilante Green Hornet, Britt fought crime with the assistance of his martial-artist partner Kato and his weapons-enhanced car the Black Beauty. On police records, Green Hornet is a wanted criminal when in reality Green Hornet pretends to be a criminal in order to infiltrate and battle criminal gangs, leaving them and the incriminating evidence for the police's arrival.

The Green Hornet and Kato crossover into Batman TV series:
Van Williams and Bruce Lee made an appearance as the Green Hornet and Kato in the 1960s Batman TV series.
They appeared in the episode "The Spell of Tut" and also in the two-part second season episodes "A Piece of the Action" and "Batman's Satisfaction".
The Green Hornet and Kato (Van Williams and Bruce Lee) visit Gotham City to bust a counterfeiting stamp ring.

The Green Hornet: (taking routine inventory on his gadgetry before cruising into action) "Hornet gun...check. Hornet sting...check. Let's roll, Kato!"
by The Centurion October 03, 2014
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