The car driven by the masked adventurer Batman, usually represented in films and comics as a large, powerful vehicle with onboard weapons systems.
by Sklooby April 24, 2008
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The act of lighting a fart while having sex. It not only looks awesome, it also gives you an extra boost on the forward thrust.
After leaving taco bell last night, I gave Wendy the batmobile.
by CptMisery June 23, 2011
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The "vehicle" that a transvestite has between its legs.
Guy 1: I met this girl at a bar last night. I was going to take her home but I felt something extra when she was dancing up close!

Guy 2: OMG, she had a batmobile! yuck!
by FunDotCom January 23, 2010
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She pulled up in her batmobile, and her friends knew they were safe after that.
by Solid Mantis February 7, 2021
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To get away from a Figure of authority with extreme speed
The pigs were coming and we batmobiled the hell away from there

Lets go the cops are coming we gotta batmobile outta here
by Green Repreive February 25, 2010
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When someone disregards any emotion to what others are talking about by raising emotional shields, like the batmobile's retracting armor.
When his wife started yapping on about their failing marriage, John started batmobiling his way out of it and instead watched his football team on his lazy ass.
by Crome Tysnomi October 9, 2007
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what Batman says to Robin in T.V series of Batman and Batman is ADAM WEST
by dumbledaz June 3, 2014
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