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Being shot point-blank in the sport of paintball.
While that damn newbie Mappopolus was fiddling with his stingray, I straight up bunkered his monkey ass.
by Superfly667 March 20, 2003

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Anyone who plays the sport of paintball using a plastic gun, namely, anything made by Brass Eagle.
That God-damn newbie broke his barrel off when he tripped over that beaver dam.
by Superfly667 March 20, 2003

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One who buzzes parties looking for the "honeys," and often leaves green with envy.
Dave 'the french bakery B' is THE Green Hornet when it comes to the ladies; that poor soul will hit the right one some day, but for now, he is only left to go home and crank it.
by superfly667 March 25, 2003

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