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A dance glorified in the underground Sydney 'Rave' scene by a large rebellious, they would say 'Outlaw' youth contingent known as 'Lads' or 'Eshays'. This dance has been said to be similar to that of a 'Spamming reverse power walking man'. There is also a variation of 'The Gabber' called 'Hakken' which is a 'Standing spamming running man' or a 'chicken dance' in fast forward.
Eshays bra is that The Gabber? Thats a icksay gabber adlay. Lets rave. Want to hakken over there?
by Errbodysheardaboutthebird January 11, 2012
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A dance done by Sydney's adlays most commonly at raves.
it involves a cycle action of bobbing your head to the beat while u step side to side and punch the ground.

the dance is based on "hakken", a dutch dance from the hardcore holland scene.
Doing the gabber lad!!
by KimerOne November 24, 2009
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